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Why SVC of Distance Education
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Why SVC of Distance Education

Education would fail ignominiously in its objective, if it manufactured only a robot and called him an economic man accenting the adjective \'economic\' and forgetting the substantive \'man\'. A university cannot afford to ignore the culture aspects, of education, what ever studies is specializes in Science is a means, not an end, whereas culture is an end in itself.

Even through you may ultimately become a computer -programmer, a scientist, a doctor, or an engineer, a teacher or a lawyer; you must while in college, absorb fundamental values which make you a man of culture.

An engineer has not merely to build bridge; he has to we a devoted husband, a kind father, a friendly neighbour a dutiful citizen, and a man true himself. He will have trials and tribulations; his heart will fit at times; he will then need the spiritual strength which true culture alone can give. 

We aim to achieve a holistic development of personality through education, which is in the view of our College SVC OF DISTANCE EDUCATION, both modern and traditional.

Distance learning is gaining popularity among students like never before, with many students satisfied with their learning experience. With further advances in technology and more training to adapt teachers to this new mode of learning, the disadvantages in distance learning can soon be sorted out.

We aim to achieve a holistic development of personality through education, which is in the view of our SVC OF DISTANCE EDUCATION Center, both modern and traditional.

The distance education in India has come up with an alternative that people longed for decades, and it has been effective beyond expectations.

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